NOVO DR Presents the New Shadow 12SF X-Ray System

Apr 22, 2021 | CTX 2021, New Tech

The Shadow 12SF System includes the ultralight 12SF Detector that weights only 1kg

The NOVO Shadow 12SF is a new lightweight, small footprint system. It is specially designed for missions where minimum size and weight, including maximum speed is required.

The heart of the system is the ultralight NOVO 12SF Detector that weighs only 1kg. Its active borders are a mere 3mm from the ground and side, providing outstanding image quality and 90mm steel penetration. The 12SF is extremely thin at just 15mm, and is very robust with a 75cm drop test and 100kg load proof.

The Shadow System can be operated with an Android phone or a small Windows tablet via cable or through wireless communication. It can even work without any computer/phone attached, utilizing a Deadman switch and is capable of saving up to 500 images on its own internal memory.  The entire system fits in a small custom backpack and its operational weight with a Golden XR-150 is just 4kg, truly making the Shadow the lightest and smallest ultra-portable, covert solution for Portable X-ray Imaging.

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